Bret Adams, PT has worked with thousands of clients before and after surgery. He reveals things to try at home before considering other alternatives.

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10 Quick Easy Ways to Relieve Neck Pain and Stiffness

  • Surgery can be a necessity, but learn how to try natural healing first.

  • Learn how to maintain care for your neck before or after surgery.

  • How to reduce neck pain and the 10 simple ways that may be stopping you from being great.

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"My condition was not good at all. I had been rear ended while sitting at a stop light-my neck and lower back was affected the most. Got into my doctor and heard about Spine and Sports Physical Therapy; was referred by my doctor. The therapy has made a big difference-physical & mental. The staff is outstanding & patient & caring. I would highly recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy."


Dr. Steven Oswald answers frequently asked question in regards to tension type cervical and headaches.

What can be done and how can headaches be related to neck pain?

It's more common than you think.

Learn more from this quick video.

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